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Platinum Salsa Testimonials

I decided to take salsa classes because I did not feel comfortable entering the dating scene after ending a long term relationship and I thought this was a good alternative. I'm so glad I did! At salsa I can let my guard down, relax and have fun. I enjoy myself and I find myself laughing a lot through class, having a great time no matter who I am partnered with. Harmless flirting happens spontaneously and I don't even know that I am doing it because I feel so comfortable, there is no pressure of whether at the end of the night the guy is going to ask my number. My friend told me that I got fun Monica back and that's what this class has given me. Plus, I am definitely polishing up my salsa skills!
-Monica R.

’d like to start off by saying that from the moment I walked into your studio last September, I found the both of you to be very warm and welcoming..   Not to mention great dancers… At the time I decided to join, my wife was away taking care of our grandchildren for a few months so I thought what can I do to occupy my Friday nights, and because I enjoy dancing so much I thought hmm, there’s this new dance studio I wanted to check out and so off I went. But much to my surprise I found more than just another dance studio.  I found a place that felt more like a social gathering where people who enjoyed dancing as much as I got to meet new people and dance.  And what a great bunch of folks.  Having been to other studios, people tend to be shy or reserved when dancing with someone they don’t know but did not find that to be the case at Platinum.  Everyone was there for one reason and one reason only and it was to learn how to dance, have a good time, and make new friends, and whether it was to prepare for a wedding anniversary or for me, to learn how to dance with others and get some new moves, Platinum Salsa was/is the place to be..

  Thanks for the memories.  See you next Friday..

-James L

"I always have a great time at Platinum Salsa. The instructors are so friendly and enthusiastic. They are beautiful dancers and motivate the students to dance with joy, and flare. I've met so many cool people at class. There is such diversity, different ages, couples and singles, and varying levels of dance experience. It is such a good workout!  The hour long class goes by so fast, you don't even realize you've just dropped lbs and worked your abs, legs and arms. I love meeting so many people and having different dance partners to learn with, and from. I've made lots of friends, and even a couple of love connections. Dancing Salsa brings out the sexy hot and sensual side of people.  The energy is so casual  and friendly and fun!  There is absolutely no stress or judgement.  Once class is over we head out to a little place around the corner for a bite to eat, cocktails and more  dancing. I'm a single woman and have never felt awkward about taking the class by myself. It is a great way to meet other singles without the pressure of being on a date. Platinum Salsa teachers and students are a genuinely nice group of people that love to dance and laugh!  There is no better way to spend a Friday night!" ---Colette F.

My son, 13 yrs old, and his 15 yr. old cousin signed up as dance partners. They learned the steps and looked forward to attending the classes. They danced well together and really enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately, they had to stop when school was in session. My son will now dance at family gatherings due to the confidence he gained at Platinum Salsa. I highly recommend them!
Sondra M.