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Salsa Instructors

Candi and Bob are instructors and performers of Latin dance. They are a married couple and met through salsa dancing. They have performed and taught salsa all over the state. For years, they have been enjoying their time dancing at the Latin clubs, La Casona and Vandome. Many of the Platinum Salsa students also enjoy Canoe Club.

Performances include dancers for El Gran Combo, The Bushnell (Latin Kings of Comedy), Hartford Stage, Real Art Ways, Puerto Rican parades/festivals, the Green in New Haven, private parties, church events, weddings, television commercials, and much more. They have been featured on Fox 61 News and on CPTV. They are also featured in the salsa documentary, La Epoca. Check them out on the film's website,

Their new location is Your Space, 991 South Main St in Plantsville, CT. 

In addition to being a seasoned instructor of Latin dance, Candi is a certified Zumba instructor. She has a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a Core in Theater and a Master's degree in Elementary Education. She teaches Latin Dance Aerobics and Zumba at different gyms and dance studios around the state of Connecticut. She has been teaching Latin dance since 2000. Bob and Candi are well known in the salsa communities of the Hartford, New Haven and Danbury areas.

On busy nights, Jeff, Julio, Jose, Edwin, Katie and/or Todd will join us to add even more flavor to our salsa curriculum.
Come join us at one of our locations. (Southington, CT is our home base). We are passionate about Latin dance and also host a multitude of local events!


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